Monday, June 2, 2008

1/3rd an Architect Sounds Much More Impressive than 2/9th!

I slayed the beast! I passed ME! I PASSED! I PASSED! I PASSED!

Go figure... and another nod to my husband, who was right for the third time. Now it's costing me money - even if I pass - due to a bet we made. You see, we kinda have a ritual going and my husband has to open the dreaded envelope when it arrives. This last time, it sat and burned a hole in the coffee table for hours before he got home. So we added a bet to this last test because he was sick of hearing me say, "I know I failed this one." As I explained to another comrade in hell (womanonamission), it goes something like this: if I pass like he always says I will, I have to give him $50. If I'm right and I fail like I know I will, I have to give him $25. Somehow, I got screwed in this deal! He says it's to punish me for not having any faith in myself. Only an attorney can find the logic in this wager. Only an architect (or blonde...) would agree to it!

Now on to BT... groan...