Sunday, June 17, 2007

And now.... I wait

I survived my first exam - Construction Documents & Services. I looked that evil beast in the eye, and wanted to puke (unfortunately, that beast has 8 more friends). But I didn't. The Prometrics facility was not exactly comfy and cozy. It was warm, stuffy, crowded and had no windows. Prometrics was located in the basement of a building, presumably to prevent test takers from flinging themselves out the windows. The computer equipment wasn't all that either - the refresh rate on the monitor was painful and the mouse kept sticking. But what the hell? I got through it.

It definitely wasn't as horrific as I had anticipated. Quite a few of the questions were almost identical to those in the study materials. After reading all the horror stories on the ARE Forum, I was sure the questions would be so much more complex and confusing than those in Kaplan, Archiflash and Ballast. With that said, I still have absolutely no idea as to how I actually did. I don't know if I failed, I don't know if I passed. I know for sure I screwed up a couple of simple questions (damn ADA, curses on backfill), and there were a few of the annoying "WTF" questions. Despite that, I don't get the overwhelming sense that I failed miserably. Maybe I passed. Maybe not... I guess it's a crap shoot now and could go either way.

So now, I wait. Hopefully not too long - I'm not a good waiter despite many years spent working in restaurants and bars!