Monday, March 31, 2008

2/9th an Architect

Woo hoo! Thought I tanked, but I PASSED!!! Got that lovely letter today. Two down, 7 to go. Oh, and once again my husband was right.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

BD/MM Done for Now... Next: ME

I survived MM. What a loooooong 2 hours it was! I can only hope that since I took it on St. Patrick's Day, the luck o' the Irish was with me and I passed.

I really thought they had loaded the wrong exam. The first half hour had nothing that resembled any of the materials I studied (Kaplan/ALS, ArchiFlash, Allen book, Ballast). There was so much cross-pollination from all the other MC sections. I can see the logic in taking them all at once. Study everything, then do a marathon. At least all the material would be covered, and nothing would be that far out of left field.

So now I wait for that envelope. It took 13 days for the last one. Hopefully, I will be put out of my misery just as swiftly this time... In the meantime I've started studying for ME. Trying to wade through that monster MEEB will certainly keep me occupied for a while.

WTF Wednesday

Someone forgot to add a note to use the existing rough openings...