Friday, January 2, 2009

Props to the Real ARE Casualties

Before I run off stamping everything in sight, I have to say my husband was right. Yes, you were right, as usual. Right, correct, shoulda believed ya, etc. And as soon as I find a client I'll pay you all the money I owe you from our bet (assuming they pay me).

This was the hardest year ever in more ways than just the ARE. But I did it, and Randy is especially glad the nightmare is over. Taking the ARE is not conducive to a calm environment, and I believe that the spouses/partners/families of those of us who are attempting it take the biggest hit of all. They are the ones who have to pick us up off the floor, hold those chins up for us, boost the ego, and on and on and on.

I think I can tell them on behalf of all of us ARE junkies - THANK YOU, SWEETIE!

I Have a Number...

Wow. All I can say is, "I DID IT!"

I am officially an


I really did it! I just can't believe it. I couldn't have done it without my husband, the ARE Forum, and my fellow ARE inmates (Ellen, Heather, Karim, Gayle, icarus, mr. b, and all the rest). THANK YOU!

This was, by far the hardest thing I have ever done. Even harder than architecture school. All I can say is that if I can do this, so you can. Just work your ass off! Really, don't plan on having any sort of life while you're doing this. It will consume you like a foot fungus. My advice: do them as close to each other as you can - just get it over with, 'cause it's going to take over your life. Do it that way for your families. If you want to be a masochist and drag it out, go ahead, but don't torture them any longer than necessary.

So now I am the newest Registered Architect in the State of New York. I have the number to prove it. I even ordered my stamp already. All I need is a client! Anyone game?